• By Rev. Joseph A. Bias

Studying And Growing In The WORD

Ok. We all know that adults as well as children and babies need food to live and thrive. Babies in particular need highly nutritious food in their early formative years, but their bodies are not yet mature enough to handle meat and complex carbohydrates, such as raw vegetables and fruits, so they are fed milk which nourishes them now and supports their growth as they are prepared to be able to digest the foods that will help them build strong bodies and sharp minds.

If we do not get proper nourishment as babies our bodies will tend to show signs of underdevelopment or even malformation as we mature. It is much the same with newborn babes in the body of Christ.

Being born again is the first step toward a new life but then we must be fed on the WORD. We must be regularly feeding on the Scriptures by reading them, hearing them, thinking about them and doing them. All of which is necessary for good spiritual growth and maturity. We need to learn to be skillful in the Word of righteousness. A random irregular exposure to the Word of God when we are young renders us spiritually in the same unhealthy condition as our physical bodies that have been subjected to malnutrition for years.

The most fundamental reason we need to be skillful in the Word of righteousness is that we don’t become easy prey for the enemy to convince us that God is not for us but against us. We need to know what God has to say about us and our relationship with Him so that we can be bold in the face of tests, trials and circumstances that try to persuade us to fail in our walk of faith and give into the lies and deceptions of our adversary.

Now some will think, I’ve been a Christian for many years, I’ve read the Bible and heard many teachers and preachers talk about all I need to know. I don’t need this. Well maybe you don’t. But if you think you’ve gotten all that God has for you or you’ve learned all that you need to know about the WORD then, you may be in danger of missing out on a blessing. The true disciple is always learning, always seeking the mastery of greater, deeper, more effective use of the WORD of Life.

We should never stop learning. When we do we start to hasten death. The mind, the body and the spirit need regular spiritual and natural exercise and nutrition to maintain strong and healthy lives. We all need to go back from time to time and review the basics. Get a fresh perspective and gain more valuable insight. God is not static and neither should we be.

The Bible refers to the Word in two ways, as milk and then as meat. [Hebrew 5:12-13; 1 Peter 2:2]

Years ago, a dear pastor/friend said to me, “the milk of the WORD is everything the Bible has to say about everything, it’s Genesis to Revelation. The meat of the WORD is believing it and doing what it says.” Simply stated, but true.

So, here are some tools to help you in your pursuit of the WORD.

1) Find sometime each day to pray, to pull away from the daily routine or the business of life and let the Holy Spirit refresh you, as you spend time reading and feeding on the WORD.

2) Find a good teacher, a resource person who is skillful in the knowledge of the WORD. Their physical age is not necessarily a factor if they have submitted themselves to the discipline of pursuing truth, of training themselves to know the will of God by studying the WORD. They may be Bible scholars or they may be pastor/teachers or just average folks that are passionate for the things of God and their lives show it.

3) Ask and keep on asking questions, be curious, be engaged, want to know more, want to understand more, look for and expect to find answers to life’s questions. God wants you to know and be skillful in your knowledge of Him and His WORD.

4) As you learn principles and receive revelations share them with someone else. Get on fire!!! Get excited about the WORD! As you give, it will be given unto you. The more you share with others the more you increase your capacity to receive more and give more. This is the principle of Luke 6:38. Read it, meditate on it, do it and share it.

Let’s get GROWING!


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