• By Rev. Joseph A. Bias

The Love Of God Expressed

“O give thanks unto the LORD; for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever.” Psalm 136:1

As the year winds down and we stop to take a moment to reflect on this past year, it’s good to just think about the many ways God showed His love for us.

We could all make a list of the ways God provided for us and sustained us and comforted us and taught us and lifted us up and restored us and walked with us through tough times. Sometimes it was in the quietness of times alone when we didn’t know where to turn next and a voice would speak to our hearts and remind us that we are not alone and that our Father God has an eternal and joy-filled purpose for our lives that He will not fail to accomplish. So we can rest secure and carefree in Him.

Sometimes it was just enjoying the beauty of life around us in nature and the works of art and music that we get to both create and enjoy.

Sometimes it was through the words of a friend who knew just what to say and when to just listen.

Sometimes it was a Word that just came alive in our spirits as we meditated the Scriptures and that flood of light that seemed to engulf every part of our being because we had received a revelation of truth from God, our Father.

Sometimes it was through tears that we felt the embrace of the Comforter and sometimes it was a dance and a jump for joy when He met our needs beyond what we even imagined or hoped for.

Sometimes it was His surprises of blessings from unexpected sources.

Sometimes it was making more out of our plans and taking us to higher places in the spirit than we had been before.

Sometimes it was the warm embrace of a friend that said, God knows and He cares, and we love you.

Sometimes it was the bad news that you didn’t get when your mind had been racing with thoughts of anxiety.

Sometimes it was the Word of Hope that rushed in to quench the fiery dart of bad news that shook us for a moment.

Sometimes it was in laughter that was so deep and full of joy that we could hardly contain ourselves.

Sometimes it was in the exhilaration of worship as we sang with the body of believers in high praises and thanksgiving.

And it was always in recognizing that we need forgiveness when we are offended by others, that we need patience when we would be impatient with others, that His mercies to us were and are new every morning.

It was there in every test and every trial, in every moment when the stresses of life would try to overwhelm us.

It was always there in those moments when we thought we would not make it but He sent just what we needed just when we needed it and even more.

His love was there when we reached out to lift someone else up who had fallen down.

It was there when we gave what we had to give, cheerfully no matter how large or small.

It was there in the faces of children who got to eat a wholesome meal day after day because we gave to support a ministry reaching out to the poor.

God’s love was there when we sacrificed a portion of what we had for ourselves to help someone who had nothing at all.

It was there in the errand you ran for a neighbor, the stranger you helped to find directions to their destination, in the little one you encouraged in the fledgling expression of their talents.

It was there in the mother you helped by looking after her children for a while so she could get some much-needed rest.

It was there in the counsel and support you gave to a brother or a sister in the Lord, a friend who was walking through a particularly hard time, or a stranger who you refreshed along their way.

It was there in big things and in small things. In things you hardly noticed and in things too great for you to completely comprehend.

His love was working through you when you comforted and cried with a friend who had just lost a loved


It was there when you witnessed and rejoiced at the miracle of birth, a new soul born into the family of God.

There are so many countless ways God manifested His love to us and through us throughout this past year. It is, therefore, altogether good and right to take sometime over the next few days just to say, Thank You, Father; Thank You, Jesus; Thank You, Holy Spirit for every expression of Your Love for us throughout the year and always, to remember those who touched our lives in Godly, loving ways to express His love for us.

“Father, in the Name of Jesus we offer up our praise and thanksgiving to You, Holy God, our Father, to You, Jesus Christ, our Lord and to You, Blessed Holy Spirit, our Comforter, our Teacher, and our Leader, Who leads us into all truth by the power of God through Whom we can do all things, through Christ Who strengthens us. To God be all the Glory, Honor, Praise, Worship and Thanksgiving! AMEN!”


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