• By Rev. Joseph A. Bias

Freely Give Us All Things

He who did not spare His own Son, but delivered Him up for us all, how shall He not with Him also freely give us all things?” Romans 8:32

Imagine you’re God…ok. Just go with me here for a moment.

Imagine you’re God and there is someone you love more than you can fully express, and this person is loved not because they can do anything for you. You have all that you could ever want or need and if you needed anything more you would simply create it. You love them with one overriding motive, you want to save them from death and have them

come to live with you in Heaven and share in all the riches of your kingdom.

But in order to do that it’s going to cost you the suffering and death of your only begotten son whom you love more than yourself. With great god intense anguish you give your son to pay the full price, His life, for the life of a poor wretch that you love, because you love this person so much you don’t consider your son’s life a price too high to pay.

Now consider this, year’s later after your Son has made himself a sacrifice and suffered the horrors of death, hell and the grave to save this poor wretch of a man and you have demonstrated the depth of your love for him by saving him and bringing him into the fold of your family, to live in your house with all your children. And you have made him the promise to bless him and that he would be a blessing, and that you would in no wise cast him out. Then, despite all this he comes to you one day fearfully begging that you would provide any need in his life, great or small. How would you feel?

Now imagine how God feels when after all He has given us in Jesus Christ, we come to Him fearful and apprehensive or uncertain of His willingness to hear our petition or to ask and faithfully expect that He wants to withhold any good thing from us. Of what value is anything greater than Jesus?

God, the Father’s greatest gift has already been given to us. There is nothing that He holds more dear to His heart or valued in His Kingdom than His Son and He has freely given Him for us. Now anything that we would need or desire is just a thing in the eyes of God.

This is the power inherent in the name of Jesus for us. Through that name we have access to all the riches and resources of the kingdom of heaven. We need only to ask in faith believing that we receive.

True, expectant faith, is knowing how much God loves us and not being surprised when He says yes to our prayers and grants our petitions.


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