• By Joseph A. Bias

Please join me in this prayer.

Father, God and Creator of all things, in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord, I pray for Your will to be done in our nation, the United States of America. I pray that the cloud of darkness will be removed from over us, our neighborhoods, our cities and towns, our states and over our whole nation.

I pray for this election process to be free from fraud and tampering of any kind. I pray that everyone legally registered and eligible to vote will be given the opportunity to do so. I pray that the work of those who would try to interfere in any way with the fair and legal process of voting would not succeed, but would come to naught and the perpetrators of such interference would be discovered even as Haman’s plot was discovered when he attempted to kill Mordecai.

I pray for the nation to be calm and peaceful, no matter what the outcome of the election and I pray that there will not be a long drawn out legal harangue over the results by either party. I pray for a return to civility and respect for one another among the people of this nation and those opposed to respect and civility will have no voice in the decision making processes that governs all citizens of our country. I pray for a renewed recognition and respect for Your sovereign rule over the nations of the earth and particularly here in the United States of America where we are by decree One Nation Under God.

Father, please forgive us of our sins and transgressions against your righteousness. Forgive us of arrogance and pride, of hypocrisy and spiritual complacency in the face of such obvious indecency, disrespect for Your Name, and the disengagement we have shown in not standing with those who have put themselves on the front lines of battle to preserve our freedom and democracy founded on the principles of Your Word.

Forgive us for standing idly by while those who hate truth and righteousness strut themselves about parading and declaring their vile agenda as their right in the name of free speech.

Father give us the love and the boldness to pray for them to be saved, for our nation to be healed, for those who don’t know You to hear the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, free from the racial, cultural and national distortions that have sought to strip it of its power to save and render it just another political posture of argument that does not lead to life, but only further bondage to the will of evil men. Father, please deliver us from the snare of the fowler, who only seeks to destroy our faith and rob us of our peace in You and You alone.

Thank You for Your grace and mercy on us. Thank you for removing the cloud of darkness over this nation. Thank You for sending us the light of Your Word to shine on the United States of America again. In the mighty and Holy name of Jesus Christ our Savior and Lord I pray. Amen.



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