• By Joseph A. Bias

Take A Deep Breath

Father, God we thank You for hearing our prayers and answering us. Now, Lord we do not know what the future holds for our nation. But we do know and are confident that You will never leave us or forsake us even to the ends of the earth. You are our hope and You are our source for Life and Peace. We do not trust in men or women, not in horses or in chariots, but we remember the name of our God.

So, Father, we thank You for overseeing the election and moving the hearts of people to move toward Your righteousness and to seek Your wisdom, and that we also do now, Lord. We ask You for wisdom that comes from above, for wisdom to know how to put our lives in rhythm with Your eternal purposes and plans. We pray for wisdom to direct our words and our actions to reflect Your glory and to demonstrate Your love.

Without You we can do nothing. Thank You for the Holy Spirit, Who is with us forever, to lead us, to guide us, to revel to us Your will and Your plans.

The hearts of the people of our nation are divided and the peace that You have come to give us seems to be alluding some today and the joy that so many desire from You is present with some and still being sought by others. What should be a celebration of our Democracy as One Nation Under God is, instead, subdued and suppressed somewhat by the feeling of uncertainty.

So, Lord we pray for the President elect and the Senators and Representatives who will now hold office. We ask for Your hand to be upon Him and upon those who will surround Him with critical information and advice to govern the nation with equity and wisdom.

Father, please bless our nation with peace and prosperity, with leaders of integrity, honesty and virtue. Bless us with strong spiritual leadership in our churches; our synagogues and houses of worship throughout the nation. We pray for Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, for Pastors and Teachers to minister Your will in and through us to do the work of ministry.

Finally, Lord we need You now more than ever to rule and reign over the United States of America. We love You Lord and we cast all of our care on You because You care for us. In You alone we put our trust and we know we will not be ashamed because of it.

To God be the Glory!!!



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