• By Joseph A. Bias

A Prayer Of Thanksgiving

Lord, God, our Father, today individuals, groups, organizations, institutions and families all across our nation are celebrating or not celebrating as the case may be our national holiday of Thanksgiving. The day will be observed by some as just a great time to have a day off from their regular work schedule. Some will see it as a good excuse to indulge and over indulge in their favorite mind-seducing drink. Still others will thank each other for various and sundry things. Some will even thank the environment and “mother earth” for their bounty.

However, we who are Your People, who know and recognize that You alone are the source of life and of every good gift which comes down to us from You, The Father of Lights, we choose to honor You this day by saying, Thank You for providing the food on our tables, for sending the rain on our lands and the good soil to grow the food that we eat, for the Sun that nourishes the crops as they grow unto harvest. We thank You for family, beloved ones near and far, for friends near us and friends far away, for means of livelihood and for opportunities to bless others as we have been blessed, for the joy of giving both of ourselves, our time and our resources to be a blessing to others. We thank You for health and strength, for energy and vitality, for ourselves and for all those we love. We thank You for our cars and our various and diverse means of transportation, for our houses, our apartments, and dwelling places of all kinds that we call home.

We thank You for our church families and for our houses of worship, wherever Your people gather to worship, praise and thank You for Goodness, Your Glory, Your Majesty, Dominion, Wisdom, Power and Glory. We thank You for you Love, Your mercy and Your grace so freely given to us at such a precious price beyond all comprehension and understanding.

We thank You for loving companions, spouses, children, extended family and all who gather around the table today as we feast on the great abundance of blessing You have given to us for Your great glory.

We pray now, Father, that nowhere in this country, the United States of America, today will anyone go hungry. Find them out today Lord and put them before us, those with whom we can share the overflowing abundance of blessing You have given to us.

Thank You for this nation and for the President and President and Vice President elect. For all those who serve in offices of responsibility for the good of the nation we pray that you will bless them with wisdom, righteousness, truth and understanding that they reach for the truth and shun the lie, that they would govern guided by prayer to You Father for guidance and discernment, for knowledge and insight, for truth that will make us all free, in Jesus’ name.

Thank You for the freedoms we enjoy in this nation to worship, to speak, to vote, to bear arms, to live our lives as we choose, to not be dictated to by the government how our children should be raised or what values they should embrace. Thank You for our constitution based on the principles You have given to us in the Old and New Testaments.

Thank You, Father for jobs where we can work and make a living for ourselves and for those we love.

Thank You for the future, which, we are confident, is in Your hands, and because of that we have nothing to fear.

So, we bless You today Lord and we welcome You at the table You have filled with Your goodness, to fellowship with us, working Your will in us and through us to others, to the Glory of God our Father, in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, we pray to You with great thanksgiving. Amen

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