• by Rev. Joseph A Bias

Proverbs – News From The Source – Flee the Liar

“Hear me now therefore, O ye children, and depart not from the words of my mouth. Remove thy way far from her, and come not nigh the door of her house: Lest thou give thine honour unto others, and thy years unto the cruel: Lest strangers be filled with thy wealth; and thy labors be in the house of a stranger; And thou mourn at the last, when thy flesh and thy body are consumed, And say, How have I hated instruction, and my heart despised reproof; And have not obeyed the voice of my teachers, nor inclined mine ear to them that instructed me!” Proverbs 5:7-13

Wisdom calls to us, pleading for our attention. “Listen up, children! Please pay attention to what I am saying. Whatever you do don’t let yourself get entangled in the snare of the seductress, the seducing, slippery, smooth talking, deceiver who promises you pleasure and riches but whose destination is only death and hell.”

That is the message of this passage. Flee the ways of the lying spirits who have taken the minds and hearts of those who do not fear God, but are brazen in their contempt for the truth. Prompted by the thief, they will steal your honor and all your years of building a good reputation will be consumed by them, until they rule over you with an iron hand. Your riches they will take from you and you will become their slave so that you morn and live your years in regret for the foolishness of your choices in your youth.

How many people have we all seen go from physical attractiveness and intellectual sharpness with promising futures ahead of them, but end up with faces drawn and disfigured by alcohol, drugs, debauchery, lasciviousness and a host of debilitating behaviors that robe them blind and leave them spent and broken in the streets?

All they can do is look back over their lives and despair for the opportunities they wasted and the rebellion they waged against the only truth and the only wisdom that would have brought them the true lives they sought and failed to gain without it. That is the way that leads to death.

But thanks be to God through Jesus Christ there is a way to life, even for those who have lost it all by their own bad choices. There is redemption for everyone who will believe. Because, there is no one righteous, for we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Now having made our choice for Christ and shunned the seducing, lying spirits we walk in the power of the Holy Spirit not to be ensnared by them again.

Now we have the wisdom, first of all, of God’s Word, then of experiences, both our own and what is gained from seeing the works of darkness around us, in contrast to the works of the children of light.

We are the children of light as faithful sons and daughters of God through Jesus Christ our Lord. The voice of the Holy Spirit is speaking to us daily. “This is the way walk in it.” [Isaiah 30:20-22]

It is the Holy Spirit in us who speaks to our minds and hearts, Who directs the steps of our journey, Who shows us the path to righteousness, peace, joy, riches, life and that more abundantly, and good success.

“Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come.” John 16:13

We are wise if we will hear and heed His voice.

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