• by Rev. Joseph A. Bias

Lent – Day 5 — A Lenten Prayer of Thanksgiving

“Father, God and Lord of all Creation, You give us life and You alone sustain us. You provide for our needs and You satisfy us with good things. You protect us from evil and You bless us with every spiritual blessing in heavenly places in Christ Jesus.

Lord, today we remember those who have blessed us by Your hand, those whom You have given to us to bless us and to encourage us along the way, We thank You for friends and faith family who stick closer than a brother.

Thank You, Lord for those who enrich our lives by sharing the many gifts and talents You have given to them. Thank You for medical professionals who have submitted themselves to the rigors of study and research to find ways to heal and to sustain life through the art of healing. Thank You, for good and dedicated teachers, who have diligently learned the art of conveying knowledge and stimulating young minds to know wisdom and understanding.

Thank You for the gifts you have given to the Church, for Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers of the WORD who open to us the rich treasure of Your wisdom from above that we may be perfected and prepared fro the work of ministry.

We thank You for those in the food industry who provide the food grown and raised on farms and then brought to the market place for us to purchase and nourish our families and our selves. Thank You for those who labor to serve us in the service industries that make our lives more efficient and comfortable.

Thank You for the garbage collectors, the mailmen and women, for painters and plumbers, for cabinet makers and chefs, for tailors, for fabricators and designers of clothes, for artists and artisans who create beautiful things for us to use and to enjoy in our every day living, for engineers and architects, for works of art and beauty to adorn our dwelling places and our houses of worship. Thank you for those with gifts of music, of playing instruments and singing songs, of dance and composition, of performance and recording that their gifts so generously given by You to us might be shared with the world.

Thank You, for the good neighbors across the street and down the road. Thank You for inventors and innovators who enrich the quality of our lives with technology and tools to serve Your kingdom’s cause more efficiently and effectively.

Thank You for the various modes of travel that convey us from one place to the next even around the world. Thank You, for the things that make us laugh and that give us with a merry heart that do us good like a medicine.

Thank You, for the wisdom and comfort of the Holy Spirit. Thank You for friends in the time of need. Thank You for the capacity to know, to embrace and be embraced by loved ones and friends.

Thank You, Father for life and that more abundantly, for health and strength, for vitality and energy, for happiness and peace, for laughter and tears of joy and compassion. Thank You, for Your love. Thank You, for Your mercy and kindness, for Your amazing grace and compassion for us.

Thank You, for Your WORD. Thank You, for salvation so freely given to us through the all-redeeming sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank You, for the hope and certainty of Heaven and the assurance of our eternal life with You, Father, with our Lord Jesus Christ and the Blessed Holy Spirit now and forevermore. AMEN.”

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